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Monday, March 26, 2012

Projects that have been keeping me from blogging...Project #4 Crafty Idea

The last several posts entitled

Projects that have been keeping me from blogging 

have been
Workshop Projects.

This post is similar.

I found a scrap piece of wood in the shop and had the perfect plan for it.

First, I cut it to the right length using the scroll saw.

Then, I added a t-cup hook about every inch.

I sprayed it with a can of sealer I also found.  And there you have it!

A handy dandy necklace rack!

I screwed that puppy to the wall behind the bathroom door along with the earring rack I made several years ago from an old picture frame and some screen.

I enjoy beading...
Can you tell?

(Ironically, I've never blogged about beading...hmm)

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