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Friday, February 18, 2011


This could be a rather lengthy post.  (But I'll add lots of pictures!)  So please BEAR with me!  This is one of those "Catch up" posts.  We're catching up on what has been going on around here.  Its always sooo busy!  The harder I try to slow down and keep things simple, the more busy it becomes.  I know no one else has that problem;)...............

A few weeks ago, we had to have our 11 yr old Black Lab, Mac, put down.  It was a very tough decision.  And even worse were the days that followed.  She was a constant companion.  We did everything together. Her favorite activity was visiting the chickens. She also enjoyed going in the car and playing with Jack.
Without our girl, the silence around this place was deafening.  So we went on a search for a new puppy.
On February 11th,  we brought a new puppy home.  After 3 days, we finally named her.  Allow me to introduce you to Miss Josie.  She  is our new baby girl, who requires a lot of time and attention right now.  But I'm sure when her training is complete, she will be an excellent companion.  

It was a Happy Valentine's Day -to- Me! 

On to other things...

I spent a day with hubs last week at the 

The Sportsman's Show is a BIG deal to all the outdoors-men in this area.  It is a showplace for boaters, fishermen,  hunters and more.  It's a grand gathering of everything REDNECK!....Camo......... and wild game mounts.........everywhere!   Here, you check it out!
(Remember to click on any photo to enlarge)

 Hubs was so sweet. As he was shopping around for his next hunting trip, he was trying to find a trip that could double as a vacation for the two of us.  In other words, he wants me to go along!  Hmmm.....we better move on!



Our little Jack is going to be a big brother later this year.  

So get ready for some more grandbaby pictures!  
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few pics of my little baby. 

Getting acquainted with the GIRLS

Guarding our shoes...maybe

Our little bird dog, bird watching!

Enjoy your day. 

Looking forward to 

Friday, February 11, 2011



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