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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post Christmas Busyness (and a trash to treasure!)


Let's do first things first and allow me to apologize for abandoning both you and this blog.
Where does time go?
 It seems as though the older one gets, the faster time flies.
Why is that??

Okay, so allow me to catch you up.....

We had a lovely holiday.  I hope you can say the same.

 We rang in the new year with friends.
We had a great time, just staying in and playing games.
 You know...
good friends + good food = great time!

Hubs really gets into playing Wii! 

For me, the new year has always been the perfect time to do some organizing.
It's the time of year, when we're held up inside.
 No gardening to do.
No holiday preparations.

So once the decorations were taken down and replaced with our home's usual vintage-ish decor,  I got busy on some re-organizing and purging.  As the title of this blog implies, I'm very into keeping things simple.
 While I can't really call myself a minimalist,
I do like to keep things simple, clutter free and organized.
So I started with the closet where I keep the wrapping paper, since it was a mess after all that holiday wrapping.

With all the snow (and cold) in these parts, we have had ample opportunity to play in the snow.
The dog loves the snow!
Okay, so she really doesn't care.
 She just likes to play.
When we take potty breaks, allowing her time to burn up some energy is a must.  Some days, we even have 
doggy play dates 
with a friendly German Shepherd.

I have been enjoying watching the birds this winter,  I have taken some awesome pictures out my front window that I plan to share with you each (Foto) Friday.   Hopefully, I can follow through on this!  :)

So as promised, 
a trash to treasure.  
While cleaning out a closet, I came across this cosmetic travel case.

 I can honestly say, I never use it anymore.
However, I deemed it keep-able.
But it was in need of a makeover.
 Sorry I didn't get a before picture of the inside.
Suffice it to say it was worn and ugly.

So a little scrapbook paper and a piece of burlap gave it a 
cute and quick fix
(I used spray adhesive for both the paper and the burlap)

At first, I thought it might make a good magazine holder for the bathroom.

But in the end, I needed something for some miscellaneous stuff in my bathroom.


 In case you're wondering about this case....
 Yep, it was mine.... 
Given to me on my first day of beauty school some 35+ years ago.
 It seems like a lifetime ago.  
Since then.... 
I have raised and homeschooled 2 children....
and am currently caring for 2 darling grandchildren...
teaching water aerobics at the Y.....
 and yes, I am 
head chicken keeper and gardener.
One just never knows where life will lead them!




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