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Friday, February 14, 2014

Foto Friday- Winter Storm

Today, we are enjoying some beautiful sunshine.  But yesterday, was a different story.....

 Outside my door

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cricut Crafting

I've decided it's time to just make lemonade!
You know...
 when life gives you lemons-
Make lemonade!

So I've decided
I'm just gonna take all these harsh, wintry days..
and just do some things I enjoy doing....
things that give me 

With several inches of snow on the ground,
and more in the forecast...
I can't get outside to work in the yard
or even get the chicken house cleaned out. 

my garden and raised bed :(

So, I've been doing some crafting!
I love to create...
My favorite crafting tool is the

With Valentine's Day this week,
and a wedding this weekend....
I've been busy. 

One of my favorite things to do with the Cricut, is to cut vinyl.  
That machine cuts vinyl like butter. 

 Love it!  

And the sky's the limit on what you can do with vinyl.

For some Cricut inspiration, check out my Pinterest page.     

For the wedding couple,
I created this wall hanging....

I started with a frame.
Sprayed adhesive on the backing of the frame
stuck on a piece of white burlap 
cut out the vinyl and 
very carefully applied the vinyl to the front of the glass. 

Getting the vinyl on 
Just Right
was the hardest part. 

I sure hope the  lovebirds... 
love it!

I even used the Cricut to make some of the parts of this tri-fold wedding card.  

Friday is Valentine's Day
(in case you forgot)  

Here is a sneak peak
of just two of the cards I made.

For my sweetheart...

And for my son and his soon to be bride...

The cricut was not used to create this card, 
I downloaded this template
and used a craft knife to cut it out.

It's perfect for my deer hunting couple!


We will be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow,
so I'm hoping I will be able to make some more lemonade and
enJOY the free time 
and creative burst
it brings!

What about you...
How have you been spending your winter days?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Very Wintry Foto Friday!

Welcome to Foto Friday!
Grab a cup of something warm and enjoy!

Winter in these parts has been grueling.  
We had become used to mild winters in recent years.  

With all this Arctic air and white stuff, we have had ample opportunity to just 

Winter has definitely afforded me the ability to do a lot of camera clicking
...and might I add....
with the new camera hubby bought me for Christmas!

In my last post, I promised more backyard winter bird pictures. 
 Since winter is 
For The Birds.....
Lets' start with those bird photos....

(These photos were taken out the window- from the comfort of my warm and cozy living room)

On Monday, we had a fresh coating of wet snow.  
As I was admiring its beauty, I noticed a flock of (very confused) robins in the trees. 


On another day, we had a hawk circling during one of our doggie play dates.

 He may have been looking for a chicken dinner.  But he left hungry!

Monday, we had wet snow, and on Tuesday......a coating of Ice.

This gives new meaning to ICE SKATES

This morining.....
everything was that
 walk -on -top -of- the- snow -crispy!

But a little bit of ice never stopped Josie girl from havin' a little bit of fun!

Well, that's all for now folks.
Thanks for stopping by....  
Please stay tuned-
 for more
are coming soon!

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