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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken Love....a Sign of Spring

What is it about these little creatures that make them so lovable?

It is a sure sign of spring when you hear their sweet chirping when you walk through the doors of your local farm store.  
They are so cute, you just can't get one.
Oh no, you have to get as many as you can.
And choosing the variety you desire is no small task. 

This year, however, I chose chicks according to their egg's size and color, and according to their arrival date at my local farm store. 

I wanted the chicks to all be the same age to avoid the older ones pecking on the younger ones.  So that narrowed down my choices.  

Even though I didn't get every chick on my chick wish list ,
I am delighted with the choices I made....

4 Ameraucanas
4 Welsummers
1 Black Jersey Giant
 ( we have a white one and
 she lays LARGE eggs:)
1 Buff Brahma
1 Silver laced Wyandotte
( okay, so I chose her for her beauty, I admit it!)

My daughter bought 4 little chicks too, and added them to our little table top brooder.  

I quickly made this Fresh Eggs Daily inspired
brooder.  It was easy to do. Check it out.

She tried to mark hers with a Sharpie.
 It didn't work out so well.
 The markings were gone by the end of the day!

For the first week, everyone enjoy watching the chicks.  
Even the dog.  She was fascinated by all that cheeping.

Of course the grand babies loved them.

It's amazing how fast  chicks  grow.  By the end of the first week they had lots of feathers and were trying to use them by flapping all over the place.  They reminded me of the Wright Brothers.  

I had to move them from their little brooder into this large crate.
(and to the laundry room)

After just 1 week, little tail feathers were emerging. 


After 2 weeks, I moved them yet again.
This time to the tractor coop.  
Hubs brought the coop portion (minus the run) to the garage. So I could closely watch them, and make certain they are warm enough. (He's a sweet hubby)

At 2 1/2 weeks old, you can see they are growing and changing quickly.  They have officially become awkward looking teenagers- but still very adorable!

So while we're talking chickens.......
This story is not for those with a weak stomach or anyone who may be eating breakfast!
But if you're a tough ol' bird like me...
Keep Reading....

for more than a week,
every morning when I went to the chicken house,
I would find this....

It's a little nest, made my a little creature in a "nesting" box.

So every morning, I swooshed it out. 
This went on for at least a week.   
Until one morning, when I swooshed it out of the box,
little pink baby mice fell out!

Sorry to say, that within seconds,
the baby mice were

The Girls are still smacking their beaks!

The next day, 
Ms. Mouse had built a new nest.  

Well, I had to get ugly with Ms. Mouse.  
(I'll spare you the details)

She's gone now.....at least I think she is.


I'll leave you with this final picture I snapped the other day....
a wonderful reminder that spring is near!  YEAH!!

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