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Monday, April 29, 2013

Finding Joy on the Homestead

I've been thinking about Joy lately…

What does it mean?
Where can I  find it?
 What does it looks like in my life.?

 I think the Joy that I have found in my life may look a bit different than the Joy in your life.  And perhaps this is why Joy seems to be so mysterious to me.

Babies and puppies......Joy!!!

I know that all good things come from God.  (James 1:17) 

But I also think that sometimes, we can miss the good things He has in store for us because we are so focused on the busyness and trials of this life. 

We live life in an unconscious state! 

To say the least, life can be hard. 
It can be difficult.

Watching my man enjoying work around
the homestead gives me joy!

 We often times make bad decisions that come back to bite us. 
 Other people make decisions that impact us-badly. 
 Accident and illness come our way.  
We have to work endlessly (sometimes at a job we hate) to pay the bills. 
 There are rules and regulations, responsibilities and commitments at every turn.  Strife and conflict seem to surface at every turn….

I am happy to say that I am enJOYing 9 years of

  Let’s face it, just getting through day to day is HARD WORK!  
And life may just leave you asking the question,

BUT joy is out there my friend.
It doesn't knock at your door.

The summer landscape.....Joy!

It often hides in the small, insignificant moments of life. 
It can frequently be found when and where you least expect it!
Often times though
Joy can be missed.

A good friend......JOY!

When we are focused on the hurts of yesterday
And the worries of tomorrow
We miss it. 

A new head of Hair.....Joy!

Now I’m not saying don’t learn from the past, or plan for the future.
But I am saying that sometimes we just have to


Watching father and son.....Joy!

Hanging with the grandbabies......Pure Joy!


Holding a new grand child for the
first time just leaves you speechless......JOY!!

Perhaps we need to be more Child-like!

These little morsels of joy can refresh us so we are better able to cope with the storms of life when they arrive. 

They are like little winks from God. 
They are a reminder that He is there….
even the smallest and simplest moments of life.

 As I scroll through the pages and pictures contained in this blog, I am reminded of how BLESSED I am, because in my life, even a midst the trials of life...
I have a joy-filled life.
And for that I'm thankful to God above-
The Giver of all good things.

How about you....
Are you blessed....
Can you find the joy that is hidden in the corners of your busy and sometimes frantic life??   I'd love to hear about it!!

Living Simply and deliberately...
Keeping my eyes open looking for JOY...

Enjoy some more snippets of the things that bring me joy from around our little homestead!

All things Home grown and Home made

Home keeping and redecorating

Playing with my grandkids

Jack loves to play train  (and so do I:)

Aww, the smiles.....JOY!

Sharing my faith with the grand babies..JOY!

I love card making....but most of all, I enjoy
blessing others with a homemade card

Creating treasure from trash gives me great JOY!
(a brooch made from soda cans)

Cooking with the sous-chefs

Enjoying the camaraderie of my Y friends

Miss Josie brings me much joy


 I love the wonder and amazement of children!


 Watching my kids grow up

Celebrating with the family!

And of course.....
All things Chocolate



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