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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wild Weekend

I had big plans folks.
I had big plans to blog more often.
But I have fallen short........again.

Forgive me.....Please....

So my last post was in February.
That was 4 months ago.

I have to laugh when I look at the last post.  
I was lamenting that stinking ground hog.

And now, all that snow is just a faint memory
because these days, the mercury is creeping a little higher everyday.

I don't know about you,
but where I am, 

When I'm in Rockville,
 this is where you'll find me.
 No wonder I can't find time to blog!

We spent a lot of time this spring getting some maintenance projects done around the house.

We also got the garden planted....

And you know that strawberry patch that was under a pile of snow in my last post.....
  it has now been producing lots of lush juicy strawberries. 

I was able to get about 20 bags in the freezer so we can enjoy them all winter long!!

I'll share more about the garden in my next post...
I promise!

Today however, 
I wanted to share some pictures I took of a much needed weekend getaway back in May to our cabin in northern Pennsylvania.  

I hope you'll enjoy looking through the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

On Saturday morning, we took a ride to Elk County to see if we could see some elk.  Even though we didn't plan our little day trip to arrive at the peak viewing time (early morning or evening), we were able to see a lot of elk.  Here is just a sampling of the photos of the elk I captured that day.


For more info on the elk population of Pa

On our way back to camp,
I spied this......

Turned out that mama bear didn't just have this one yearling......
she had 2!

At this point, we were on the dirt road in the mountains, and almost back to the cabin.

So we just stopped 
and watched the entertainment.

Isn't he/she the cutest thing you ever did see!?
 The cubs were curious so they made their way down the bank.  

Mama let them go but she was more cautious. 
 She eventually followed behind, but she seemed to have a different plan from that of her rebellious cubs.  She seemed to be directing them to go up the road, away from our truck.  

However, they wanted to travel across the road and down the bank toward the stream.  

I I love this picture!  One of the cubs stood upright to look out over the ravine in search of its sibling.  Oh. and yea, that's hubby's head in the corner.

Mama (on the far Left) is waiting patiently for her cubs

Mama bear waited patiently as she watched the shenanigans of her young ones. 
Just like people mamas often have to do!

The rebellious sibling soon returned and they began to walk up the road together with mama. 
 Mama always wins!

These bears are looking a little scruffy.  They probably hadn't been out of their dens for long.  May is a good time to see bears because they are search of food!

We arrived at camp ready for some food and a little relaxation....

But we no sooner returned to the cabin 
and we got a visitor....

I was sitting on the recliner,
 preparing for a catnap 
when I spied a black ball of fur out the window.
I grabbed the camera.  

This guy (or girl) was getting a drink in the stream and then decided to check and see if there were any picnic baskets on the premises  to raid!   

Not only did he step onto the porch....
But he actually looked in the window!!! 

He didn't find any picnic baskets....
Just a crazy lady with a camera....

And Yes....
I stalked him like he was some kind of celebrity.
And Yes....
I went outside the safety of the cabin to get some pictures!

He didn't seem to mind though. 
He just lullied on his way...
perhaps to find another cabin 
or picnic basket.  

Hope you enjoyed this post....
Until next time,

Keep it Simple!



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