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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Projects that have been keeping me from blogging...Project #2....From the Workshop

Hubs helped me with
Project #2
as well. 

We have been working at cleaning out the junk in our basement. 
 (another project we'll talk about another day),
We've also been trying to use up the stuff we already have...
everything from frozen and canned goods...
to junk parts, pieces of lumber....any random stuff taking up space in our house.

We had some old window panes taking up space in the work shop so with the help of my handy hubby,
we transformed them into something functional.......
Take a look...

Can you guess what he's building?

How 'bout now?

Getting closer to the finished project.

 Walah!  A little greenhouse.  And YES, I helped.  I had to hold things ya know.  I even got to use the nail gun.  


  Gotta tell ya girlfriends-
I enjoyed it.

 This was made with 
stuff just lying around the shop.

We did however have to buy a light for it at the local big box store.

I have to tell ya.....
It didn't take long at all for me to get some seeds planted. 
And within days, I had little sprouts.

Today, I have lettuce that will soon be ready to sample.

Very soon, I will have seedlings started for the garden.

Can't wait to get them started!

Stay tuned for Project # 3....

Until then....

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