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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spreading the Joy

I've been really focused on keeping Joy in our Christmas this year.  The kind of Joy that comes to us because of a baby born in a manger for ALL, 
that we might have JOY!

I've written a little meditation about Joy for our family newsletter. In case you missed it, you can read it here.  

I want Joy for myself, for my family and for all of those whose lives I'm able to touch in some small way.  

So today, I wanted to share some of the things that are bringing
to our friends and family.........

Not only did I declare this to be a Christmas filled with Joy, but also a Christmas filled with fun......
I've declared this to be a 
REDNECK Holiday!

Every year, I open up our home and become the 
hostess with the mostess 
for Hubby's family.  

I enjoy it.
I enjoy going the extra mile each year.  
I try to make it fun and enjoyable.  
Here are just a few of the homemade gifts I've given over the last few years...

*maxi pad slippers* 


*tampon angels*

 *herb and vanilla basket*

So this (redneck) year I made a chicken bag out of these feed bags for each family.....

My niece plans to be a Vet so I made hers from
this dog food bag.

......And filled each one with something
and/or homemade!

Here are a few samples
(keep in mind this was just for fun!)

A redneck (spring) candle

These smelly earrings were crafted by using a
car freshener lei.  

We had a lot of fun with the redneck gifts.
I also made an ornament for every family made from the feathers of our chickens and turkey. (Recycling at its best)

Each were unique,
and many had
let it snow
written on them.  

I made these as well..

Jack and I made this to give to his mama and daddy.

I made this one for the snow lover in my life.

This may be my last post before Christmas, unless I find the time and energy to post some recipes.  So I'd like to leave you with our Christmas card.
I made 25 of these buggers, everyone unique. 
But so much fun!  

white embossing

green embossing

Wishing you all a
Very Merry Christmas

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