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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Tour of our Christmas Decor

Everyone has their own way of decorating for the holiday season.  For some, they go all out.   They buy new stuff every year, with no regard for the cost.  They just do it BIG! I'm guessing that these are the same folks with a ton of expensive gifts under their tree too. And perhaps a huge credit card bill.

Others, well their decorations are a bit scrooge-ish. 

Either they are not "Christmas people," 
or perhaps there are just "things" going on in their lives that prevent them from 

decking their halls....

But around here...we aim to
I'd be lying if I told you I never buy anything new. The fact is, I usually change things up just a little by picking up something new at Michaels or my favorite antique store for most every season.  

But I consider that to be just
adding to my collection. (wink wink)  

For the most part, we drag out the same decorations, year after year.  
There is something comforting about the old traditional ornaments and decorations that hold family memories, isn't there?  
 If only they could speak, they'd tell some tall tales, huh?   

The decorations we pull from old dusty boxes remind us of Christmases past.  Some treasured, some...not so much.  There's just something warm and fuzzy about those old decorations.  

 I have an old, most would say ugly, but definitely fake, 
ball of mistletoe that I hang up every year.  It has been part of my family since I was a child.
But every year I hang that darn thing; it stirs my heart and reminds me of
 my childhood days.......a much simpler time!

Stroll with me won't you....
as we tour
 our  Christmas decor......

For me, there are 2 "must haves" at Christmas.

The first is a creche~
the symbol of

and the second is a Christmas tree
Not to be confused with the holiday tree

O Christmas Tree!
How I love thee!

Our unusual tree top

May Peace be yours this Christmas

Lots of sparkle and shine

Jesus is our Hope

Believe in the miracle of Christmas

Joy to the World

Other arrangements that make our home feel like 

You gotta have candy for this oh so sweet season.
(The jar on the left is an old chicken feeder)

Poinsettias bring a Christmasy look to flea market pie tins and grandma's tea cups.

I won the metal tree as a door prize, tea pot~second hand store,
and the flower pot tree is homemade

Vintage balls in an old porcelain pan

I love to bring out the white glassware!

Fresh greens are free!

This little white sleigh is another heirloom.  It was always on my
grandma's table at Christmas!  Very Special!

This snowman collection can remain into the winter season.

The stockings were hung....

Hubs made me this shelf using the ornament below as inspiration. 
I change it up for each season.

Very cool, huh?

Well that wraps up the tour.  
Thank you so much for stopping by!
I'm very  glad you did.

Until next time....

And Remember....

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