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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Household Tip

Some time ago, Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse, had a post on Facebook where she asked her followers to share their favorite little household tip. 

Her tip was to keep a stash of extra garbage bags in the bottom of the trash can.   I've been a homemaker for 30+ years and I thought I knew it all, and had seen it all! On those few occasions when one the men at my house empties the trash, I always have to remind them to replace the trash bag.  I always kid them that any man can take out the trash but only "real men" replace the bag!! 

What a handy little tip! 

So I have a handy little tip for you today! 

At our house,  you will find 2 towels hanging on the oven door.  One is a pretty t-towel for drying dishes (the one with the rooster), and one for drying hands.  

But for some reason, the men in my house can't seem to get that straight.  Without fail, they will wash their (filthy) dirty hands in the kitchen sink and wipe whatever dirt that is left on their hands onto the pretty t-towel.  


I took some old towels and cut them in half and ran the frayed edges through the sewing machine. 

Now this sits on the counter near the sink....

These towels come in handy for drying dirty hands...

wiping up spills.....

even cleaning messy (but adorable) faces!!!

Oh how I love to re purpose stuff, 
giving new life to something old!

Enjoy your day!

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