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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


If you are like me, this is your favorite kitchen appliance.  

I start everyday with a cup of Joe, 
the latest broadcast of Joyce Meyer
and Jesus.

In a recent E-newsletter from the local Kitchen Shoppe, 
COFFEE was the HOT topic.

 It was filled with lots of coffee facts, and a few recipes as well.
Check it out at the link below.
 (then scroll down to Coffee: How the obsession started)

 But first, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and perhaps enjoy a seasonal sweet treat, too!
(Like gingerbread or something spicy and/or applish!) 

And if you have a minute, leave me a comment to tell me what your favorite kind of coffee is.
  Mine is
Hazelnut with lots of real cream! 

1 comment:

  1. I love strong coffee! My son works for Starbucks...so I am horribly spoiled. He brings me many bags of all different types to try! That first cup in the morning is so wonderful!




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