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Thursday, December 17, 2009

In my last post I told you that nearly all of my Christmas check list was completed with the exception of the family newsletter. Well, I finally got that finished and sent out to friends and family.

Aunt Ruthie, at Sugar Pie Farmhouse, recently encouraged her readers to make everything Merry and Bright for the holidays by taking extra care decorating their homes for the holidays....creating an environment of joy.....lifting the spirits of all who enter. So I've done just that! Here is just a small sampling of what our Merry and Bright looks like! I'm hopeful by sharing photos from around our home that I can bring a little Christmas joy to your home. Enjoy!

Tea Anyone??

We will be hosting two family gatherings this year, and I am planning to serve tea! There is just something about a hot cup of tea that brings people together and warms the soul.

My favorite tea is Earl Grey.


I love snowmen.
Even though I wouldn't call myself a collector of anything (I hate clutter), I do have a few snowmen. This shelf has become tradition at our house. Every year it looks the same. Snowmen on top, chaulkboard sled (hand made and given to me as a gift by my daughter) on the lower level, and little jingle bell snowmen with the names of each family member printed on them adorn the hooks . There's one stocking for Bubba, and one for our daughter and S-I-L. But this year there's something just a little different....I had to add another named snowman....his name is Jack!

Our new little grandson had to have his own snowman ornament. And since I couldn't find one just like the others, he ended up with a snowman snow globe....so cute, just like him!


"She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins." Matthew 1:21

J-I-N-G-L-E Bells O!

We love this old Frank Sinatra song. You can often hear one of us singing this festive little song to little Jack!


We have 2 fun traditions at our house. I think traditions are what bind families together. The first tradition I want to tell you about is something we do every Christmas Eve after church. It's a tradition everyone looks forward to each year. Before we can begin with the fun though, I make my family pose in front of the tree to get a family picture while we're all dressed in our "Sunday Best." Only then can our $5.oo gift exchange begin. We sit in a circle on the living room floor with a $5.00 gift we purchased in front of us. Then I begin by reading a short Christmas story. Each time a chosen word is said (like but or the), we move our gift one person to the right until the story is finished. At the end, you get to keep the gift you end up with. If its your own, however, you pass the gifts to the right one more time. Its always amazing to see how creative one can get with just 5 dollars.

The second is the white elephant exchange. We do this with each of our families. Now I know that a white elephant is some recycled gift that you no longer want or need. But I always try to jazz things up a bit with some kind of gag gift. So this year I made 2 sets of bedroom slippers, one pair for each exchange. These lovely slippers are made from maxi-pads!
I'm hoping they will bring much fun and laughter to our home and make someone's Christmas


Have a great day in the Lord!


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