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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gratitude Journal Entry #9

Hey Blogger friends...
Listen up...
This is an important post!

September is Leukemia and Lymphoma
Awareness Month. 

And if you're reading this,
you know a leukemia SURVIVOR!

This week marks 9 years since my life was radically changed.
Nine years ago, I went to the doctor complaining of headaches.  I was over 40, homeschooling 2 teenagers and packing up all my worldly goods to trek 800 miles across the country to back "home."  I really just thought the headaches were "lifestyle" related.

I was getting headaches and feeling tired all the time, making it nearly impossible to complete all the tasks that needed finished.

So I went to the doctor to get something for the headaches, but what I got was not medicine, it was 2 pints of blood and a bone marrow test.  OUCH! 
I received the final diagnosis of
Acute Mylogenous Leukemia
just a week or so before the move home.  

And YES, I lost my hair, 
a small price to pay to save your life.

And YES, it grew back.....

BLONDE!  (he he)

The point of this post has nothing to do with my hair ...
the number 1 reason for the post is, however.....

to spread awareness of this terrible disease, 
as well as other blood cancers.

For more information you can go to the LLS web page, here.

You can donate if you choose;)

My daughter, 
bless her heart, 
signed up for 
Team in Training 
several years ago and ran a triathlon
raising $1000.00 for the cause on my behalf!

My Number 2 reason for this post 
is to remind each of you, 
that if you know anyone who is suffering from cancer 
or from any other life threatening affliction...

to them! 

 Don't shy away because you're not sure what to say...
Don't keep from visiting them because you're not sure what to expect...


Because you may very well be the blessing they are in need of!

Believe me, when that loved one gets back on their feet,
they WILL remember those who stayed away...
And they Will also remember those who....

brought meals,
sent notes of encouragement,
made phone calls,
came to visit....
sat with them...
and PRAYED for them.

I was blessed beyond anything I could have imagined!

Blessings flowed from 
and even from Florida!

My church family in Wisconsin was incredible!
Family and friends in Pennsylvania rallied around me AND my family!
(their efforts would require a blog post all their own)
And the cards, calls and prayers from Florida were amazing!

For that my friends
I am thankful!


  1. Hi Tammy, Firstly congrat's on beating this horrid disease. What a great testimony and I'm sending your link to a very dear friend whose husband(70+yrs old)has it. I had never met any one before with this but have known many with other types of cancer. Thank you for sharing your story and the link-so very important for us to know.
    Have a blessed weekend. Noreen

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, Noreen...much appreciated. Love that puppy of yours..ADORABLE!

  3. Woohoo Tammy! What an awesome post!




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