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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Newly Repurposed Headboard

Hubs is a Construction Manager.

He tackles HUGE commercial jobs..
like this one...

He has been on this 
Hospital Campus 
for 7 years now.  

From time to time,
he has the opportunity to salvage things that are headed to a 
like this one ...

which will then be headed to a land fill 

One day, he rescued this old door
which had the glass panes 
already removed.

He sanded it for me
Sweet of him, huh?

And I got to work, painting.

 After several coats of paint, 
and drying
I took the sander  over the edges to create that old weathered look!

I found some fabric that totally 
tickled my gizzard 
for the backing....

I used hubs' pneumatic staple gun to attach the fabric and batting...
(he has some of the coolest tools!)

and WALAH!

 Easy Peasy!

Our bedroom makeover is now complete!
It only took 7 months!!

 For the before and after pictures, 

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