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Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Rhea!

We celebrated our granddaughter's birthday last weekend. 
 She turned one.
It was a simple party with family.
The weather was perfect.
The hot dogs over the campfire...the marshmallows, cake and cookies...they were all perfect too!

This child is precious...
take a look-see.
I'm sure you'll agree!

Gotta love that bib too!

Big brother Jack enjoyed himself as well....
He's precious too...
I'm not biased or anything...

It won't be long until we'll be celebrating his birthday.  He's gonna be 3.  Oh how fast they grow.

My daughter snapped this pic of my girl and me. 

(I stole it from her blog.. 

I sure hope that as she grows up, she will feel the same way about me, that I feel about my grandmother.  I loved her sooo much!  Still do.
She's in heaven now, but is sorely missed. 
 It is my hope that this grandma will also be missed... one day.... 

Not anytime soon though!!

A Scrapbook page dedicated to my grandma

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