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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gratitude Journal Entry-Entry #6

This post is over due.

(It's rather lengthy, so grab a cup of Joe!  I've included lots of pictures to keep your attention!)

I've been  pondering it for weeks now. But like you, I've been busy with life.  When I awoke this morning to the booming and banging of thunder, I saw it as a sign to sit down, gather my thoughts and share this story that overwhelms me with gratitude and thankfulness.

About 3 weeks ago, Tropical Storm Lee cruised through our area drowning us in flood waters, and for some, much devastation  and a messy cleanup.  My neighborhood received approximately 10 inches of rain over just a few days.

The Susquehanna River flows through Harrisburg (our closest and largest Metropolis).  Many  streams and creeks can be found in this area as well.  They all flooded their banks!

The good news for me is that we live in the country away from any low places near a river, creek or stream.  So we were unaffected by the flood waters.  
And for this I am thankful!!

Others were not as fortunate as you can see by these photos.  These are not my photos.  Some were taken by my friend George, while others were posted on local media outlets.  Most of these photos were taken around the city of Harrisburg and the Susquehanna River.  (click to enlarge)

The red brick building and the black building in the background of this picture is the Harrisburg Hospital.  This is where I began treatment for leukemia 8 years ago (almost to the day).  I had one of those rooms at the very top where you can see the white pillars.  It was a room with a (beautiful) view.
  I'm in remission now, so for that I am sooo grateful!

This is a photo of City Island and the newly
 renovated ball park.
City Island is just that- an Island.
 A fun place to visit during the
summer months.
(when there is no flooding of course!)

The Hershey area was hit hard.  Flash floods hammered the area of Hershey Park, devastating businesses, highways and even parts of Hershey Park. Yes, I'm talking about THE Hershey, the Sweetest Place on Earth.

The sweetest place on earth quickly turned sour when flood waters forced the care takers at Zoo America to euthanize 2 bison trapped in the flood waters.  A creek meanders through the park and zoo.  The creek is usually a source of joy because it's filled with large fish that children can observe and feed.  (for a small fee;) But as you can see on this video, there was nothing but devastation surrounding this creek! (Warning-this is very disturbing video)

The place where the buffalo used to roam!

 Clean Up from the flood waters has begun........

And Roads are being restored........

Their task is huge.  As I sit here, all nestled in from the elements of this day,  I feel grateful, and at the same time I can't help but feel sad.  Sad for those who are in this position of cleaning out their homes, sorting through their worldly possessions and cleaning up the muck and the stench left behind. And many are trying to figure out how to do get it all done, and paying for all the expense.  My prayers go out for them.  May they have the strength and courage needed to get through these difficult times.  May they think to pray to the God who loves them for He hears our prayers.  And may He be Glorified when they see their prayers being answered!     

I'm leaving you with much to think about and reflect on today....
Have an attitude of gratitude as you continue your day...  
And may God bless you richly!

Ps... Found this photo among some flood pics and thought is was cute.  This pic was taken on the river next to TMI.  (Three mile island)

Pss.  This is the track of Tropical Storm Lee....we are in the grey area ....wouldn't ya know!

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