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Friday, August 5, 2011

Foto Friday- Dipping (and more)

 Happy Friday!

Today's Photos were taken of my favorite guy earlier this week .  
These first photos were taken at my moms house (Jack's great great grandma) when we stopped by to take a dip (or 2).

Taking a dip in the pool....Jack loves the water.

We worked up an appetite! ..... Time for lunch.

Dipping Cukes!  Jack loves DIPPING,
and he loves Ranch dressing.  

So why not DIP your PB&J too! Mmmmm.

Jack and his mommy in the garden
Had to throw this pic in....I love Sunflowers....so happy!

Yep.  She's Ready!

I love this pic.  His mommy was putting him in his carseat when
she realized he needed a new diaper.  So she marched him
back into the house.  The look on his face is

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