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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gratitude Journal Entry #4

I have much to be grateful for this morning as I reflect on the events of yesterday.  Yesterday morning I went to the Y to teach my two water aerobics classes that I normally teach once or twice each week.  But yesterday's classes were nowhere near "normal."  During the deep water class, one of the participants blacked out and went face down in the water.  Though she is a woman of a mature age, she is probably the best swimmer in the class.    Fortunately, the woman next her (who was a retired nursing home nurse) saw what was happening and quickly, with the help of some others pulled her to the deck where the lifeguard and I lifted her on to the deck.

Today I am thankful, firstly, that God was watching over us.  I'm thankful for those who acted quickly.  And I'm very thankful that my friend (at last check) was doing well.


I'm also thankful for the rain shower we had yesterday.  Much needed.  And today the whole earth rejoices!

Blessings to you all.........I'm off to spend the day with my favorite little red head, for which I'm also grateful !!!!!!


  1. Scary. I'm glad that the right people were close at hand and your friend is doing well.

  2. Praise God for the quick actions of the woman next to her. Enjoy time with you red head!





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