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Thursday, June 2, 2011

THE Storm

It has certainly been a week to remember...OR FORGET! 

Last Thursday, a wicked storm, complete with high winds and hail, rolled through our neighborhood, knocking down trees, power lines and knocking out our electricity!  

This is our yard about a week before the storm


Yes, instead of going to the basement, we were taking pictures.  

This storm was very scary, it was non like we had ever seen before.  It seemed to last forever. But praise God, we were not harmed, we just had some downed trees. A real blessing considering all the tornadoes that have hit the Midwest this spring.

The Aftermath

Behind the storm was a huge pile of leaves, limbs, trees and debris.  

The Chicken house door was blocked by a fallen tree.
  That's Hubs out there cleaning up the mess.


Uprooted tree

We had no electricity from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon.  My (pregnant) daughter lost her power also.  

We had hooked our fridge and freezer up to a generator so she brought her "valuables" to our house to keep them cold.  But on the way over, her chocolate ice-cream had an accident in the cooler.  
So she had to clean up the mess!

Jack helped too! Mmmmm!

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  1. Wow...scary stuff! Like you, I'd be out there (risking life and limb lol) and taking photos too!

    Love that last photo...so cute! :-)




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