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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We've got a stinky problem......

Our stinky problem is the hoards of stinks bugs that have moved in, not only to our area…but into our home as well. 

Stink Bugs love fruit and are
 damaging to orchards

They moved in last summer in full force.  And then they found a hiding place in the house for the winter.  They are attracted to light.  So every evening when we’d sit down to watch TV, they would emerge, attracted by the recessed lighting in our living room.     
It was not uncommon to kill a dozen or more every evening.

At the advice of a friend, I began keeping a plastic cup of water mixed with dish soap sitting on the counter to throw them into when we’d catch them.  While this technique does kill the stink bug and it does so without having to squash their hard shells and smell that odor they release (hence the name STINK BUG), you still have to touch them!  Yuck!          
When spring arrived, the stink bugs began to congregate in the garage, clinging to the windows.
I couldn’t take it anymore.  So I decided to try anything and everything to kill those little buggers!      

While there isn't really any "cure" for stink bugs, I found this bug spray to be very effective.  

I sprayed all 5 windows of the garage with it.  It killed some of the bugs immediately.  But others just seemed to walk away. 

However, the next day, there were dead stink bugs everywhere.

I had applied the spray very liberally.  It appears that the residual spray is continuing to kill the bugs. 

Over the weekend, I cleaned up the mess. (after about 2 weeks)  

 And this is what it looked like.   

Now that's a lot of stink bugs!

click to enlarge

A video  has been circulating around the internet.
It's a how to video on how to make a homemade stink bug catcher. 

So of course I had to make one of my own........

and now we wait!

Click here to read an interesting article in the New York Times on stink bugs.

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  1. Yikes! You are resilient to tackling these "buggers"! This reminds me of when I was a new graduate living in Boston in my first roach-ridden apartment.
    Hope you are bug free soon!




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