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Friday, March 26, 2010

SPENDING A WEEK WITH GRANDMUMMIE-from baby Jack's perspective

I spent the week with my Grandmummie while my Mummie was working. We played on the floor with my toys. Grandmummie loves my lumpy legs but wonders why her lumps aren't as cute..

We took several walks to enjoy the spring weather. But that hat of mine sure is hard on my red locks!

I helped GM with some cooking...

I helped wash dishes too....I looovvve water!

That gadget is swweeettt!

Aww, aren't they cute. We took care of the little chickies in the cage...

Cute...but kinda scary!

GM took me outside to see the big chickens. I like to look at the big chickens. But that noisy rooster scares me sometimes.

I enjoyed watching the doggies play!

And we even dug up the carrots from the hot box so Grampie could use the box for planting seeds. He's a garden guru!

GM cooked the carrots and smooshed them in that sweet kitchen gadget for me to eat. Mmm good!

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  1. Little Jack is a cutie, and well taken care of. And growing like a weed I might add.

  2. Love his name! And his hair is absolutely adorable ;)
    What a joy to spend so much time with grandma ;)




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