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Monday, March 9, 2009

A Sweet Reminder

Saturday, I was sweetly surprised by some unseasonably warm weather. So of course I had to get outside and soak up some of that warmth. As I walked out the door, I immediately heard honking.....not the sound of cars honking but that of a gaggle of Canadian geese flying overhead. Instantly, my mind led me back to a simpler time in our life when our family lived in Wisconsin near the Horicon Marsh. The marsh lured in hundreds of thousands of geese and a variety of other birds. The pace in our small town there was much slower and simpler than the life we have here in Pennsylvania.

Springtime in Wisconsin was always a delight. Winters there lasted forever! So every little sign that spring was nearing, meant there was one less day of winter. I have to say though, the arrival of the sandhill crane was my favorite. I found everything from their unusual croaking call to their springtime courtship dances to be very intriguing.

Hanging out Laundry was a joyful experience. Every time I went to the clothesline, birds of some kind would be flapping overhead....ducks were quacking, geese honking, herons squawking, cranes croaking and even swans trumpeting....each with their own melody. I could bird watch and do laundry at the same time. Talk about living the good life! Living a simple life on our Wisconsin farm was simple. (no pun intended) The slower pace enabled us to enjoy little distractions like those at my clothesline.

Even though the pace in our Pennsylvania town is faster, our family works hard at deliberately keeping things simple. It is definitely a process....constantly stepping back to examine how we're doing...asking the questions...are we keeping our life simple and uncomplicated, is it orderly, and are we focused on those things we deem important. Some days I can answer those questions with a yes. And some days....well...we need to tweak things just a bit.

May God bless you richly,


Oh, one last thing to mention- I still don't have a clothesline here in Pa. It's on the "list."

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