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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pantry Makeover


My butler's pantry has been given a makeover!

Okay, so maybe I haven't given it a makeover but it has been transformed. As of yesterday, my pantry is also serving as a brooder for:

24 incubating chicken eggs

and 9 of the cutest little chicks.

Aren't they adorable!? While my daughter was visiting, we took time to visit our local animal supply store. We came home with a box of peeps- 3 red sex links, 3 black sex links and 3 Polish chicks (2 of them are buff colored- not sure about the third). The polish chicks will have a cute little mop top. Below is a picture of what the polish chick will look like when it's grown. (Photo from McMurray Hatchery)

These chickens will all lay brown legs with the exception of the Polish chicks, they are white egg layers. I am looking forward to the day when we can gather fresh eggs for breakfast! But a little patience is needed. They won't be laying eggs for about 5 months.

I am planning to add to this brood. The store is running a special later this month. So we will be ordering 5 Araucana hens. They will be close to laying size by the time they arrive in early April. Just in time for Easter! Araucanas are unique birds. They aren't white layers or brown layers. They lay a rainbow assortment of eggs- hues of green, from turquoise to olive and even hues of pinkish brown. I'm looking forward to watching all these girls in the chicken yard!

The Chicken Coop

Until now, we didn't have any of these marvelous little creatures. We had about 30 of them, however, on our farm in Wisconsin. I have to say, I was never much for chickens until my husband brought home our first flock. I immediately fell in love with the roosters. I often just stood and studied them. I realized just what beautiful birds they are, especially when you get up close and personal with them. Their hackle feathers are beautifully colored and so intricate....evidence of a Creator.

My husband enjoyed having farm fresh eggs with those deep golden yolks. One might say he is an egg connoisseur. I told him to build me a hen house and I would tend the chickens. So he's been busy constructing their new home. They of course, won't be able to move in until they are much bigger. Until then, we will keep them housed in the pantry were we can enjoy watching them and listening to the cheep, cheep, cheep!

Crazy for Chickens


afterOur Brooder House

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