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Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Beginnings

Happy (Belated) New Year!

I know, I know
I'm a little late on the new year greeting!

But I've been distracted...
VERY distracted.

 We had a wonderful Christmas with the family.
All our traditions and plans went off without a hitch.

We weren't sure how Christmas would play out since our daughter was expecting the day after Christmas.

She however, made us wait on the arrival of our newest little bundle of pure joy  until after New Years. 

On January 4th
Eliza Mae made her way into the world
AND into our hearts. 

She was well worth the wait!

What a fantastic way to begin a 
new year!

Now that the baby drama has calmed down, its time to look forward to the new year that awaits us....
a new year that will undoubtedly
fly by!

The new year is such a great time to make changes...
Get a fresh start...
to evaluate what is working in your life...
and what is not.
It's a great time to set new goals...
And begin new habits.

(For some great tips on goal setting head over to 

As for myself,
I've made a few changes.
For one
I no longer use this..

I have come into the 21st century.
I am now using 

One Note is an organizational app that I can use on my computer
 and my phone...
and sync one to the other.
And who doesn't want to be more organized?

With living in 2 places
it has become a necessity if I'm going to keep all these balls in the air.
I unfortunately live by my lists.
But at my age...

I gotta have lists!!!!

Honestly, I have been dragging my feet on this phone technology...
Proclaiming it to be unnecessary.
   Its only been since we have been living this dual lifestyle that I broke down and upgraded to a new "smart phone".  

And YES, it's smarter than me!

I have to admit...
I love it!
 I especially love its 
GPS so I don't get lost when I'm out and about. 
And all of the apps available for download....Wow!

I don't make "resolutions!"
Resolutions are made for breaking,
don't you know!

But I do have a plan to spend a few minutes each morning with God.
This year,
I am following Joyce Meyer's 
The Power of being Thankful
devotional book.  

And to simplify things,
I have downloaded on my Kindle.  
And hey, I have an app for that on my phone too!
So no matter where I am, I have no excuses to spend time with God.
And of course, my prayer list is on One Note!
Not only a that-
But I have determined to consciously live in a perpetual state of 

It's not that I'm not a thankful person....
It's that I think when we are conscious of our blessings...
we live a richer life...
we're focused on the positive...
which crowds out the negative.

So of course,
I have a thankful list too!!!

I'm trying to find something... 
no matter how small...
to be thankful for
each day!!!!!!!

Do you have goals or changes for the new year.
I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time...

Try and keep it 

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