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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CH CH Changes

It has been several months since I last posted on this blog.  
It feels so good to actually have the time to sit before the screen of my laptop and get typing.
So much has been happening!
There have been many changes and more changes to come! 
Allow me to catch you up if I may…

Let’s back up to the month of May if we could…
In the beginning of May, we were able to take a lovely, and much needed vacation. I’ll share more about that in a future post.

Any guesses where we went on vacation??

By early June, my babysitting responsibilities for the grandkids were coming to an end.
 (Their mama is a teacher) 

 AND our garden was coming along nicely. 

But sometime in June, hubby completed his current construction project.  
(He’s a construction manager) 

He had been on this current project, a hospital, for nearly 10 years. 
  As soon as one phase would be completed, they would continue on to the next phase and the next……well you get the picture.

As this project was drawing to a close, he learned his next assignment would be iin Maryland, outside Washington D.C.  
                                                            And YES, the land of liberals!                                                                                                                                      
We live in Pennsylvania. 
Ahh, the serenity of our neck of the woods...

So while his new assignment is not that far away, it is too far to commute on a daily basis. 

So being the gypsies we are, we have packed up a few of our possessions, and headed to Maryland.                                                                                                                                                                        Talk about being a square peg in a round hole! 

We have not sold our home.  In fact, we will probably be able to go home most weekends…..to mow grass, manage the garden 

and of course, love on our little ones.

Unfortunately, in this process, I had to re-home the girls.  L 

And my country dog has become a city dog. 

Josie, waiting patiently at the door of
 our tiny apartment to go for her next walk.

  I don’t think she’s minded though, because she gets walked often.  
  I’m sure as soon as she gets home, she will head to the field to do some ground hog hunting! 
So what does a simple country girl blog about when she is surrounded by city life?                                                         

Well, we shall see..


As if we haven't had enough change...
There are more changes coming…

In September, we have a wedding to look forward to.  
My baby boy is getting married. 

Okay, so he’s not a baby, he’s 28.  
But nonetheless, he’s my baby and he’s gettin’ hitched.

  And we are looking forward to the addition of a new daughter as well as a bridal shower coming up soon.  More about that later!

AND can I get a drum roll please……

We are going to be grandparents again!   
That’s right.  Jack and Rhea will be getting another brother or sister for Christmas. 
  When asked if they wanted a girl or a boy,
 Jack said "a boy,"

 and of course Rhea said "a girl."

  So good ol’ Jack told his sister that he could have a brother and she could have a sister.  I’m afraid someone is going to be disappointed!  Kids say the funniest things don’t they?

So there you have it!
                                                                                                                                                                         Lots of Changes… Lots to look forward to..             

And plenty of reasons to be grateful 
and to trust in
and lean on 
the goodness of our God!


  1. Hi Tammy, I thought we had a lot of changes but you have even more. In March our oldest daughter & family moved from their home(that was 15 min.away)to a new home with 2.5 acres only 2.7 miles from our new home. You know when your kids move, you help them. Then on May 2, we moved into our new home. I've said I never want to move again; when you are a senior and moving, it is much harder.
    Next, due to some things that happened, our youngest daughter & family had to find a new home(which we are buying), so they found a home about 10 minutes from us-that will give them so much more space. They will move in one week. Well, now our garage is filled with much of their household; however we will need to help them pack up their remaining furniture etc and move it. So we are hoping by mid-August life will have settled down. No more babies here, but life just keeps moving on. May you settle into your new city and find Life there.

    1. Good to hear from you Noreen. Good luck with all that moving. Don't you love how everything runs down hill.... and we parents are at the bottom :) I just tell myself I've been put here to serve. And honestly, it's a pleasure to be involved in and invest in their lives because one day, when we least expect it the roles will be reversed! Ahh!




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