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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Juicing for Health

Do you Juice?

I love to juice.  Folks have differing  ideas on the benefits of juicing.  
But I for one enjoy juicing and feel sure it is beneficial. 
And I can personally attest to the healing power of juicing a few apples and a about a fourth of a lemon for winter colds and flu. 

This is the best time of the year for juicing with all the fresh goodies from the garden. It's also a good time to experiment with fruit and vegetable combinations while giving your immune system a little boost.

This week, I combined all the fruits and vegetables that I had on hand.
 I started with organic carrots and apples.
 (Always try and juice organic produce.) 
We have lots of red beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and grapes.  So I added these colorful veggies to my juice as well.  

Look at those lovely colors!

While I was making a mess, I juiced carrots and tomatoes together to use as a base for a pot of vegetarian vegetable soup.
 (It's pretty potent so I thin it down with vegetable broth)

One complaint of folks who don't see any benefit to juicing say it's because the pulp (fiber) is removed when juicing.  
But I get plenty of fiber in my diet. 
 (I eat lots of veggies!)

And around here,
nothing (absolutely nothing) goes to waste!

We eat anything!
If you've never juiced, I highly recommend giving it a try.  

You will need to invest in a juicer.  
But you can start with a less expensive model or
 a borrowed juicer would be even better! 
Or perhaps a friend could allow you to give theirs a test drive! 

I have nearly worn out my beginner model, and am ready for an upgrade!
 There is lots of information available on the web to get you started.
I began my juicing journey with this book. It is filled with recipes and nutrient counts and the benefits of dozens of  fruits and veggies you can juice.
 If you are already a juicer, I'd love to hear some of your favorite concoctions. Perhaps I'll even post them in the near future.

Bottoms up!

BTW, juice is best if consumed immediately.  But if you can't drink all of it, store it in the fridge with a good lid and finish it asap.

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