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Friday, December 14, 2012

In this household,
Keeping it Simple
often means


While some may call it being cheap,
others may call it being frugal.

But whatever you want to call it
I just like to think of it as 

common sense.....
or perhaps good stewardship.

Christmas is the perfect time to exercise these principles.

Our decorations are cheap!
I use whatever I can find around the house.  

I rarely spend money on decorating unless its a trip to the vintage store for something used or 
to Michael's.....I Love Michael's
to get supplies for crafting some kind of decoration I've dreamed up.

Anyone can go to the store and buy pre-made decorations...right?..
you now the kind...

The Santa that ho ho ho's.....
or the snowman that glows.  

But to transform everyday objects into Christmas treasures....well that's what I call being 

I won't keep you in suspense anymore....

Here are a few of our

And speaking of frugal and creative...

Here are a few gifts I made this year for some special people on my "nice" list.

Oven door T-towels made from 1 towel, 1 pot holder and
1 button...Easy Peasy!!

Here is a brief tutorial on how to assemble the towels!
(click to enlarge)

And how about this clever idea I saw on Pinterest.
I was able to use up beads I already had.  The only thing I had to buy was a pack of long jewelry pins, and a roll of (stiff) ribbon.

So, whether you are the kind that prefers to purchase your decorations (and gifts) or
 you're like me and prefer to do it the cheap, I mean frugal way....

I hope you enjoy the simple act of decorating your home.

And I hope you take time to drink in the joy that comes as we receive the gift that has been given to us....The true meaning of Christmas...

the gift of 

Our King!

"And you shall call His name Jesus"


To see all of our decorations

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