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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Man on Campus

I've got a new man running around the ol' homestead!

Scrapbook page from 2009 of our Homestead

I can promise you, 
a new man was NOT something I was looking for.

But Hubs had other plans.

Don't you just love how husbands volunteer you for things he's conveniently forgotten to discuss with you first?!  

Sunday afternoon, I saw a truck pulling into our driveway.  

I Went outside to check it out....

...And there he was.....

Already making himself at home with my girls!

Yep, it was a rooster.
And not just any rooster.

A Rhode Island Red.

A friend of a friend had 2 roosters that didn't get along.
So Hubs was so kind as to offer one of the boys a place to stay.
Kind of him, eh?

I didn't want any roosters.
I don't think the girls did either. (they told me so;)
Life was good without a rooster.
The barnyard was quiet all summer
with the exception of some
"I just laid an egg"
And the 
"Hawk Alert"

We've had a variety of roosters over the years.  
And I've had a few favorites.

 Here's my very first rooster (above), many years ago.  He was an independent agent.  He kept to himself, usually outside the fencing, and yet somehow he still seemed  able to maintain his harem.  His name was 

Eugene... often referred to as Eugenious

Oh, did I tell you he was named after my favorite chicken dinner at a local restaurant?  

Don't hate me!  

Take this handsome fellow......

his name was Cham
(he was named after my ornery grandpa, whose nickname was Cham)

I'll give you one guess how he got that name?

And then there was this guy.....
his name was Nutsy.....because....
Well, he was nuts!

Let's just say his elevator didn't quite go to the top!
...very entertaining!

This big old boy was our own

But unlike the original Foghorn,
he was a beautiful 
White Jersey Giant.

But if there is one thing that I learned very quickly,
it was that 
where there's a rooster.....
There's always going to be trouble!

Take this Auraucana,  he was a bully!

In fact, he killed our beloved
Polish Silver Crested Rooster, (dopie) Opie.

Opie was handsome (but not very smart) and that nameless Auraucana knew it!

And then there was this guy..
..he had a mean streak too.
He took out his frustrations on anyone who dared to enter the chicken coop.
Can anyone say
Chicken soup!

 So all I can say is....
This rooster better be well behaved.

So far, so good.

The girls are keeping him in line.
He's outnumbered you know, 29-1.

In our coop, the pecking order is apparent when it's time to roost.
The old girls get the top rung. 
Younger/new girls can fight over the lower rungs.
So far, Mr Roo hasn't made it passed the bottom rung. 
I watched tonight when I put them to bed.
He tried to move up the ladder,
but girls just pummeled down to the ground.

If you'd like to read the story of how we got to be chicken people, you can check out our story, here.

The place where our chicken love began

So now begs the question...
What shall we call this new man on campus?

If you have any catchy names for this guy 
PLEASE leave me a comment.
I'd love to hear all your ideas.

 'Cause frankly,
I'm just plum out of ideas.

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  1. Congrats on the new man in your life Tammy :o) He looks kind handsome with his mottled chest...Maybe Chester? ..or Wattle...you know, what'll we call you? LOL!!

  2. Fun post! I found you through The Homestead Revival. I hope I can persuade you to come share this post on my Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-3.html

  3. I'm impressed that you have photos of all your "men" through the years. In light of how sleek and shiny his black feathers are, maybe he should be called "Slick"? Or you could come up with a play on words with him being a Rhode Island Red ... "Rhoadie"? "Brodie"? or just simple "Red"?

    Good luck keeping him in line!




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