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Saturday, October 2, 2010


 THE photo below is the old part of this post.  Very OLD.  So old, that I sat on this rocker when I was child.  Yep, that's right- It was my old rocker from my childhood.  Imagine the stories it could tell.  Probably best that it can't!  But thinking where a vintage piece has been is what brings richness to the item.  I love old stuff.   And speaking of old...check out the next photo.......

Now this is old!  This is the original vintage fabric that covered my little chair.  Oh how I wish I could replicate it.  But since that wasn't possible, I chose ........

.......this golden fabric.  Yellows and golds match nearly every room in the house.  So I will be able to enjoy it in any room I choose.  

 With the upholstering part completed, there's nothing left to do but clean up the wood a bit...AND....

smother my sweet little model with kisses!

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