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Sunday, October 17, 2010


WHEN I LOOK OUT MY DOOR, IT'S EVIDENT THAT FALL HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!  Oh I know, the calendar told us so several weeks ago.  But now, in South Central  PA, its lookin' like Autumn.  See for yourself.

 A look outside the back door
(no- I didn't stage this photo)

And a  look outside the front door

And the true "fall test" is that camper sitting in the driveway.  It's all ready for my guys to go on their first hunting trip.  On the first weekend in November it will be rolling down the I-81 headed to Virginia.  Its their home away from home every weekend, and for the entire week of Thanksgiving.  I am sooo  looking forward to a little R&R for myself while they're gone!  

Savoring the season~~~~~

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