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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Touting the benefits of WATER AEROBICS

As you may (or may not) know, I teach water aerobics at the local Y a few mornings a week.  Its a great job!  Most (but not all) of the participants are seniors.....very smart seniors. 

 They have discovered that the fountain of youth is actually a swimming pool! Ask any one of them about the benefits of water exercise and they will fill your ears about what its done for them.   Some can attest to the actual physical benefits, like they've become more flexible, and some will tell you that they have been able to eliminate some of their medications.  Most would exclaim how wonderful they feel for that hour while they're in the water.  And I'm pretty sure they would all agree that the camaraderie of the group is the greatest benefit of water aerobics.  

Recently, the group gathered together in the Y's lobby to celebrate  a special birthday.  A very young Miss Betty was turning 80!  (Doesn't she look great?) There were a few other September birthdays as well to celebrate.  One special lady turned 89!  However, she couldn't attend because she was visiting her family in West Virginia.  So we just partied in the spirit of Miss Elsie anyway!  

Here are the pics I snapped of this celebration:


This is my friend and "student," Bob (below).  Yes!  We have men who enjoy the class too.  Notice his empty plate.  Hey chowed down on a piece of coffee cake.  He's so cute.  He thought coffee cake had coffee in it.  He doesn't drink coffee- he's a tea drinker.  I had to convince him to taste the coffee cake.  Finally he did, and he liked it.

If you'd like to try this coffee cake, just click here to get the recipe.  

Until next time, live simply and deliberately.  And go join your local YMCA.  Its a great place for fitness and fun!

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