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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never Wasted

Nothing gets wasted at our house. We fix what we can…or sometimes repurpose broken items. We recycle. And of course, we compost. We have a wonderful composter that can transform kitchen scraps within a few days. We call our composter……..the girls!

Literally within days, the scraps from the kitchen and garden are composted. We recycle shredded paper as well as sawdust from hubby’s workshop into bedding for the girls. Only occasionally do we have to use straw. They transform these organic materials into fertilizer and we or should I say I, scoop it out and sprinkle it around the garden. Whalaa! It enriches my soil ensuring a rich harvest for the following year. And the cycle continues.

Another thing I never wasted, especially while the kids were young, was a teachable moment. As a former homeschool mom, the opportunities were many. The wonder of God’s creation is always evident around us. From the landscape of mountains and valleys and seas to the behaviors of the animal world, His handiwork is everywhere. To remind a child that “God made that” is a small thing that reaps a rich harvest. It’s a subtle way to train your child to always be mindful of His presence.

Even when the kids were coming of age, I tried to never waste a teachable moment. I learned early on, talking about teen issues was easier before it was an issue. We discussed everything from puberty to dating before we were in the middle of a particular season of growing up. Anytime we would witness what was deemed bad behavior by others, we would discuss it. It helped them to learn to discern what would be acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

One day when the kids were home, we happened to catch the Dr. Phil show when his wife Robin was on, talking about teaching her boys how to treat women. And the thought occurred to me that apart from their dad modeling that behavior, we had not deliberately talked about how to treat a woman, nor how our daughter should expect to be treated, not only by men in general, but especially by her future husband. So I took that teachable moment and stirred up a little conversation, nothing too preachy, just some dialogue to plant some seed. My little Bubba said, as I was telling them that they should treat women well, “I try and help my grandmas!” Oh it was priceless! His little mind was churning on how he could apply this virtue in his life.

Little Bubba isn't little anymore!

Over the years, my children have inspired me to never waste a teachable moment…..and to always be looking for teachable moments. Have I missed opportunities? I’m sure I have. But the truth is, that if we live our lives with a mind set of always looking for those moments, we’ll find Him. He is in all the details. The challenge is, however, slowing down and allowing Him to bring those teachable moments to light. For when we do, it ensures a rich harvest not only for us, but for the next generation.

I hope I have encouraged you to slow down, see what little lesson God is trying to teach you today. And pass it on!

Living Simply and Deliberately,


"Be still and know that I am God!

I will be honored by every nation.

I will be honored throughout the world.

Psalm 46:10


  1. I loved reading this post. My husband and I had a similar conversation recently about this subject. I always tried to take advantage of those teachable moments when raising my kids. I called it proactive parenting. When our kids were little I would tell them before we entered a store how I expected them to behave, I'd say, "kids, mommy only has $30 and I need to buy everything on this list. I don't have money to buy toys or snacks so please don't ask for any." I saw no point in arguing with them in the store (reactive parenting) when I could reason with them before entering.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I needed to read this today!




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