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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Baby Shower

Oh my, it has been manic around our house. Our garden has been overrun with the fruits of our labors. In between canning and freezing and stomping saurkraut, I have been sneaking around planning a baby shower for our daughter who is expecting her first child, our first grandchild. (Its a boy!) So today, I thought I would share some of the crafty and creative details of the shower.

A Clothesline Theme

She is planning to breast feed and use cloth diapers- kind of a back to basics approach to caring for her baby. So I chose a clothesline theme for her shower. I strung up a clothesline across the room for all the sweet little boy outfits.

The Prizes were inspired by Aunt Ruthie at Sugar Pie Farmhouse. (I always get creative ideas from my blog friends) I rummaged through the workshop and found some scrap pieces of wood to make some chaulkboard signs.They were a big hit. One prize was for guessing how many diapers were in this diaper cake. It not only contained diapers but a few wash clothes, onsies and a few California Baby products. How many diapers do you think are in this cake?!

Each guest was given a diaper pin. One of the diapers was "dirty." That guest was also a winner. A few guests also received some special buttons too!

Decorating was fun. I used many of my daughters memorabilia from her baby days including her baby scrapbook, her favorite stuffed animal, hand made quilts, and the sweet little outfit she wore home from the hospital when she was just 3 days old.

Baby Blocks were an easy way to create
messages throughout the house.

Lots of Daisies- Our little mommy's favorite
We played the "Name that baby" game and awarded the winners of that game a can of alphabet soup in addition to a chaulkboard of their choice. (Each guest had to choose a baby name from the letter of the alphabet they were assigned) And I also put together a devotion inspired by Creative Ladies Ministries. It is a devotion that reminds moms -to -be to be vigilant in raising their baby God's way.
On this special day, our menu included:
Weiners and homemade saurkraut
Veggie tray
Assortment of chips and pretzels
Our favorite hot dip
These adorable onesie sugar cookies
And Ice-cream cake. Dairy Queen did an excellent job decorating the cake using the invitations as their inspiration!
With the shower behind us, the baby clothes washed, and the thank-yous sent out..........now all we have to do is wait!

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