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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Fasnacht Day!

Happy Fasnacht Day!

If you are not from my neck of the woods, you may be scratching your head right now wondering what in the heck is Fasnacht Day.

While many of you may call this day "FAT TUESDAY" 

Those of us who live in Pennsylvania Dutch country know this day as
 Fasnacht Day,
the day before 
Ash Wednesday.

internet pic

Fasnachts are delectable deep fried doughnuts.

Fasnacht Day is simply a celebration of doughnuts! 
Dozens and dozens of fasnachts were made, sold and eaten today!

Jason Malmont/The Sentinel
To read the full story..click here

Rather than indulge in a fattening fasnacht today,
 I made some baked pumpkin doughnuts, using one of my home grown pumpkins from last summer's harvest. 
Yes, I still have a few pumpkins left!

In case you're wondering, I used the King Arthur recipe
for baked pumpkin doughnuts.

I shared my doughnuts with a few of my favorite friends at the Y.

Mmmm....coffee, conversation and
(Lots of conversation!)

Notice the Layena bag.  I was also peddling eggs!

As Martha would say,

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