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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Projects that have been keeping me from blogging...Project # 5Yard Work

One project that has been keeping me super busy is 
 And not just my own. We spent a weekend helping my daughter and son in law get some order in their yard when they hosted a work weekend with their friends.  They bought a new (old) house last August and had a baby 4 days after moving in.  So needless to say, they didn't get any yard work done last fall.  

(Not to mention we had that notorious Halloween blizzard ;)

This is the pond that was in the front yard.
It was very overgrown.

We hauled out 4 loads of  brush  and burned a bunch more!

My own yard was a mess as well.  It took a bit of elbow grease to get it cleaned up because of all the debris from the trees. 

Unlike my daughter, I was on my own.  I didn't host a clean up party!!

But at the moment, 
it's lookin' good.
And I'm enjoying our early spring!

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  1. Your garden look beautiful. I always leave the fall clean-up until spring...then I regret it! LOL




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