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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scrappy Saturday

We've had nearly 20 inches of rain here in S. Central PA this spring, and everyone around here is getting a little testy.  It rained everyday this week.  All this rain reminds me of a trip we took two years ago.

  Hubs and I had set sail on a celebratory cruise.  We were celebrating his 50th birthday (Jan), my 5 yrs. of remission from leukemia ( a story for another day)  and our 30th anniversary (Nov).  

Unfortunately, it rained nearly the whole week!  
But a little rain didn't keep us from havin' some fun and gettin' some R&R.
Take a peek......

Hubs thought he was "all that" with the show girl;)

While I wanted some sun to bask in, I have to say, I found
all the rough seas to be very exciting!  

It doesn't take much to entertain me!!

Our last day was beautiful-of course!

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